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In 2014, a new brand was born; Lumina & Aquamarine and is currently a sought-after product in Singapore. It was created by a multi-talented businesswoman Justina Tan, who has been in the beauty and wellness industry for more than 13 years, and is still going strong. Today, she has reinvented her business by broadening her horizons, including Beauty Pageants for the modern woman, Recognition awards for the over-achievers and Corporate Branding in the industry.

Justina’s hails from a family who is business oriented and her training began at the tender age of five where she worked at her father’s towel manufacturing business. A fast learner with a keen interest in developing personal skills, she learnt the ropes of entrepreneurship at this point in her life, while pursuing her studies. Engaging in her other passion, Justina graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and began her advertising career as a graphic designer at 19 years of age. She rose to the position of Graphics Director rapidly and by the year 2000, her desire to run her very own business was fulfilled:

Graphica Art Studio was set up and two years later, she delved in the beauty industry and in 2002 the first Lumiere International Private Limited’s outlet was opened in Duxton, followed by four other branches: Orchard, Novena, Katong and West Coast, over 5 subsequent years.

Justina’s diligence and profound ability to run a successful beauty business had earned recognition in the Pageant world. In 2009, Lumiere was invited to co-present the Miss Singapore World International. After a credible partnership and ardent believer in beauty, Lumiere was elected to be the main sponsor for Miss Singapore World, Miss Singapore Universe and Mrs Singapore Globe and Mrs Singapore World following two consecutive years. This was the milestone that set her apart from other beauty businesses.

Coupling her expertise in beauty and event planning, Justina solely organized and hosted the Miss Bikini International in 2012. At the helm of her success, she did not stop; she went on to create two more pageant titles: Mrs Queen of Substance and Asia Pacific Queen of Substance, where it was solely organized in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

An investment in a France Skincare laboratory caught her eye, and never missing an opportunity, Justina continues to soar in her profession. With her enterprising and innovative spirit, she is now the creator and inventor of an exclusive beauty brand Luminastem – a highly luxurious skin care product from Brittany Sea.

What has made this woman entrepreneur and business partner so dynamic ? It is her philosophy and beliefs that have led her to be what she is today. She has an attitude of determination and never gives up on her dreams despite the obstacles that she has had to face. She is driven by the mantra of trying one’s best until success is achieved and one will face no regrets. When she was confronted by an tough and negative environment that could not be altered, she changed her respond to it and from there, she has fulfilled the Singapore dream of the ‘5 Cs’.
The busy mother to three daughters and a son, Justina balances her workload at home and at her office. She now has only one thing on her mind, to empower and build more successful entrepreneurs within her circle.

2015 started on a grand note when she single-handedly launched the Miss Bikini Asia Pageant. Look out for The Dynamite, Justina Tan, as she has more plans ahead. She will be permeating the industry with a more exclusive Lumiere International Brand; a cosmetics and skin care range, ‘Aquamarine’ and yet another few more prestigious pageant titles: Little Miss/Miss/Ms/Mrs Lumiere International.